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Moving abroad and Living overseas

Moving Abroad | Living Overseas

For various reasons, millions of people relocate to live overseas and make their home in a new country abroad every year. They have been tempted by a better quality of life, work in international careers, study abroad, take on volunteer work, retire overseas or own 'holiday homes' and have extended vacations abroad.

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For some, it comes as a culture shock, the way of life is totally different, you have to learn new currencies, cultures and languages, and you miss your friends, family and all that is familiar. Ex-pats will go through a transition period, which may last up to two years, before they can truly decide whether they can 'fit in', or should give up and go home.

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There are many things to consider before moving abroad, especially if the move involves children, who also have to face the upheavel of attending a foreign school, where the children and teachers may not speak their language.
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Our intention is to provide an ex-pats resource centre, where you can meet other ex-pats who may be living overseas in your area, keep in contact with relatives, loved ones and old friends, and hopefully make new ones too! We have found a few useful links below to other sites that offer practical and helpful advice on moving abroad, and living overseas.

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Thinking of moving to Spain? Moving to Spain - Ebook packed with useful advice on moving to and living in Spain. This book covers the first three years of a family living in Spain, backed by facts and advice. Informative - fun - and a true insight into the real pitfalls involved in making the move and how to prevent falling into them. If you want to know what life is really like - this book is a must!

This is Money - guide to all you need to know about moving abroad, whether you are retiring or intend to continue working
Counsel and Care -Information from Counsel and Care: 5 Moving to England or moving abroad. What about benefits? - Help and advice on moving abroad with children
Paros Paradise - Help and advice on moving to Greece
Escape Artist - Expatriate resources, Resources for Americans fleeing America, Search the largest expatriate database of embassies, international jobs & offshore financial services web sites.
Living Abroad - Living Abroad International Destination Services Network
Study Abroad - Studyabroad Programs at Specializing in international study abroad programs and international education
Transitions Abroad - The Best Living Abroad Resources for Expatriates past, present and future compiled by Transitions Abroad
Expat Experts - Robin Pascoe's web site for expatriates, and the home of Expatriate Press
Outpost Expat - For English speaking expats living or moving abroad, Features useful links and information for many countries around the world
Home Iberia - Spanish property for sale in Spain
Property Management Spain - property management services in Spain. Spanish property management and villa maintenance on the Costa Blanca
Approved Mortgages - We are a leading mortgage company with over 15 years of experience
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Moving Abroad - Advice on international removals, taking horses, pets and other animals abroad.

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