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Buying property abroad

Buying Property Abroad

Thinking of buying property abroad? There are many beautiful countries, gorgeous scenery and fantastic coastlines around the world, but which do you choose? Buying property abroad, especially outside Europe, is not for the faint hearted.

Before even looking at properties, the first thing is to check the 'laws of the land', and make sure you get proper legal advice.

Resource for buying property abroad

Before buying property abroad in some countries, you may need permission to buy a property, which must be granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or similar local government agencies. In some cases, this can take a while.

The next step is to decide which location, in which country, is best suited to your needs.

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If you are looking to buy a property for permanent living, do you need to be within walking distance of bars, or shops. If you are buying to rent, is the property near a beach, does it have scenic views - access to a pool? If the property is to be used as a 'weekend retreat', will you really fancy a 4 hour flight each time you visit? Wherever you buy a property abroad - make sure it is right for you, your family and your requirements.

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We have put together a collection of resources which we hope will help you when buying your ideal property abroad.

A guide to buying property Abroad - Property buyers guides
Buying Property in Spain - Advice on buying to rent, buying a permanent home, holiday home or for investment purposes.
Buying property in Turkey - The process of buying a property in Turkey. Many people now are buying property outside of the Euro Zone where the costs of living are much lower. One of the most popular locations outside of Europe is Turkey.

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Relocation services to Spain - Relocating to Spain is rarely as simple as packing up your furniture and moving. There are many pitfalls that could be avoided by using a professional company to help you.
Spanish property partnership - Spanish Property for sale for UK residents. Many regions covered, catering for a wide range of budgets
Spanish property forums - News, discussion and advice about buying property abroad for expats
International Real Estate Directory
Foreclosure Listings - Foreclosures - Learn the secrets behind finding foreclosure listings.

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